Resistance. Is. Futile.
Hellooo Marc Jacobs Beauty.

It’s finally reached Singapore. (Sephora ION specifically.) If you haven’t checked out the line yet, I run through my picks and swatch everything here!


202 The Tease palette (purples and neutrals)

204 The Starlet palette (full-on metallics)

Lip Gel in 118 Roll The Dice - rosy fuchsia pink

Lip Gel in 122 All The Way - soft glossy coral

Shameless Bold Blush in 212 Outspoken - soft pastel cool-pink (it looks lavender in the pan)

Re(marc)able Concealer no 3 - this concealer texture is REALLY remarkable….

Which country has the hottest grid girls?

“When Sebastian Vettel sat down for his press conference in China, he was overwhelmed by so many pressmen. “I thought Multi 21 was last year,” he joked”

SEB!!! (via we-will-get-them-dont-you-worry)

“It happened a couple of times, when Sebastian and I took a taxi and the driver didn’t recognize us. tThey started to talk about Formula 1 and we started to say that we thought that Vettel was a terrible driver. We often got into good arguments with them, when they started to defend Sebastian’s driving style while he said nothing appart from negative things about himself”

Tommi Pärmäköski talking about times when he went partying with Seb (via we-will-get-them-dont-you-worry)