thank God there is a reason for me to keep “fighting” and it’s a new start really soon — this fucking system at work is killing me and it’s killing me and it’s killing me! I can not stand it anymore!

Magnussen…Bottas…Magnussen…Bottas…something random but am I seeing F1’s future champs in these two?

Where have the F1 fans gone?


If you watched the race on Sunday you might have noticed that the grandstands were not packed. Actually, there were big empty spots everywhere - a big change from the sellouts of Silverstone and Austria.

What I find really funny is the analysis the F1 media has done of that. Instead of…

As always, a fantastically written article from one of my favorite Tumblr bloggers. Wow. Isn’t she always spot on? (And isn’t this article so spot on too? — like damn! boom!)


ajax gets some fancy new jerseys… or not (x)



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